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Fireport Software: Essentials for the Fireport device.

What is this?

This project contains the software suitable for the Fireport device and the industrial controller OC8 produced by opencontroller.com. The software suite contains an operating system, drivers, and application software.

The typical footprint is between around 100K (leaving 150K for your applications). The package currently consists of:

and an installer that installs all the necessary stuff to get you going. The installer runs on Windows, Linux and the Mac.


A number of functionalities and drivers are lacking at this moment. These will be added in the near future, as well as a scripting engine to control your fireport using the programmin language lua.

Demo application

Below find the demo application tasks that run under the current stack.

Application FLASH RAM info Short description
FreeRTOS 8K 2K 0 OS that manages the system.
uIP 10K 4K 0 Handles the IP connections
Webserver 30K 1K 2 Serves static and dynamic pages.
I2C 10K 1K 8 Connect with the onboard hardware
Logging 8K 1K 10 Use the external flash to log

Note the the numbers above may slightly differ from the one you will find, since they high depend on the compiler options used. This shoud however give a rough estimate.

Contact: info@fireport.org