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Fireport Software Licensing.

Since the Fireport Software consist of several parts, all written by different authors, different licenses apply. Here we give an overview of the different parts, the authors and the applicable licenses.

Software Author(s) Standard License Commercial License Available? Description
Atmel libraries Rousset Public Domain No These are needed to control the AT91SAM7XC256.
FreeRTOS Richard Barry Modified GPL Yes (OpenRTOS, SaferRTOS) OS that manages the system.
uIP Adam Dunkels BSD-style license No Handles the IP connections
Lua Roberto Ierusalimschy, Waldemar Celes, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo MIT license NoScript engine
Fireport Ruud Vlaming & Peter Zuidema GPL v3 YesDrivers, tasks etc.

The list above may be incomplete. If you feel your work has been ommited, or see other ommisions please contact us as soon as possible.

Contact: info@fireport.org