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Source code, documentation binaries and scripts.

Source and documentation

The Fireport software itself is deployed via an installer that downloads moste software from public sources. This way we keep the package clean. This is installed on you system (depending on your environment/choices),

  1. Eclipse CDT
  2. Cygwin
  3. Binutils
  4. GCC cross compiler
  5. dietc
  6. Open OCD
  7. Fireport Software

Comments are inside the code, but we have run Doxygen over the source and the result can be seen directly, without first downloading the code.

Bugs, contributions and communication.

We welcome contributions to the code, found bugs and improvements. Please note the source forge forum is the proper place for this. Discussions about the code on email are discouraged.

Download source and binaries.

The download contains several sections:

  1. sources, settings
  2. script files
  3. all examples in an eclipse project

Using only the sources requires you know how to setup a C project for your environment. Thus you must install your GCC, binutils, libc etc etc yourself: recommended for those with hands-on experience on Atmels embedded devices. You have the option to use the install scripts to setup your environment under Linux, Mac or Windows (with cygwin).

Contact: info@fireport.org